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Website Design

Website Design 

In this digital age, your business needs a website. Your website must reflect who you are.


Your landing page has users’ attention for 15 seconds or less before they lose interest and exit your website. The key is a creative, user-friendly landing page that captivates the user and turns that first click into your next lead. Here at Maze Digital Agency, we can help you to bring your digital dreams to life.

Website Design 

Web design has come such a long way since the early internet days. Your website is, in most cases, the first point of interaction you will have with a potential customer, thus the design of your website must bring out your business’s personality. Fortunately, almost anything is possible, and your dreams can be vividly displayed on a digital screen with our professional expertise to help you color them in. 


It is one thing to have a beautiful website but is it converting into sales or leads? The most important thing that our web designers keep in mind when curating a website for your company is the user experience (UX).


Customers want to know who you are and identify the most suitable candidate for their desired product or services.   Each request is different, and that is why we curate original designs for every unique business.

When considering hiring a web design company, you should never forget that anyone can do a short course and design a website, but not all of those websites are equally successful. That’s why you should prioritize doing proper research before employing a company to design your website. Maze Digital Agency has built websites for many reputable companies, and your success is our success.

Website Design VS Website Development  

Web design and web development go hand in hand, but they embody two different parts of the website creation process, not to mention two broadly different skill sets. However, you need both web design and web development to curate a successful website.

What is Website Design? 

Web Design involves the aesthetics of your website and the functionality from a user’s perspective. The web designer is responsible for designing the website before passing it on to the web developer, who then is in charge of building the actual website 

What is Website Development? 

Web development is coding the website from the designs that the web designer provided; this involves using languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails, and more. There are also different kinds of developers. The front-end developers focus on the site's functionality, whereas the back-end developers focus on the site's infrastructure, such as hosting, security, etc.

Website Design Packages

Websites have become increasingly popular these days. With multiple companies offering their services to design/develop websites, the available packages vary when it comes to what is included, so make sure you understand what your company needs and go over the details very carefully when you decide.


Services that are mainly included in web design packages are: 


  • Domain registration 

  • A hosting plan 

  • Training and support 

  • Website security 


There are many more services to choose from, so make sure you know what your company needs and do your research to find your best fit. Maze Digital Agency works with the most creative and talented web designers and web developers.


Every company is unique and will require different objectives when it comes to designing and developing a website.


The package for a website is not a one-fit-all scenario, and some websites are more complex than others, which will naturally result in a more expensive quotation. Do keep in mind you get what you pay for. Depending on the level of expertise and skill, website services can fluctuate from R1000 – R30 000+ depending on the project's complexity.


It is essential to pinpoint what your company needs are and determine the main goals of your website.


Maze Digital Agency is a web design and development agency that will help you figure out precisely what fits your company.

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