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Maze Digital Marketing Is Here To Help You Tell Your Story.

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Digital Marketing strategy agency


A digital strategy is the foundation to your marketing plan. We can help you develop customized strategies tailored according to your business’s needs. Let’s grow your online presence together. 

PPC Advertising Agency


PPC is the acronym for pay-per-click. This method is a form of Digital Marketing in which the advertiser pays a fee each time a user clicks on their ad. In other words, you are paying users to visit your site. 


PPC is a similar concept as SEO; the only difference is paid for while the other is organic. Maze Digital Agency can effectively help your business reach its full potential by ensuring your PPC is optimized. 

Social Media Marketing Agency


Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of digital marketing that involves creating content and posting it on various social media platforms to reach your desired target audience. Maze Digital Agency can help you to elevate your social media game. 

What We Do
Website Design agency


In this digital age, your business needs a website. Your website must reflect who you are.


Your landing page has users’ attention for 15 seconds or less before they lose interest and exit your website. The key is a creative, user-friendly landing page that captivates the user and turns that first click into your next lead. Here at Maze Digital Agency, we can help you to bring your digital dreams to life.

SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing solutions to help your business reach new clients organically. Maze Digital Agency is an SEO company that will help you achieve a new level of traffic. 


Inbound Marketing Agency


Inbound Marketing is all about your brand awareness and the love it receives back. It is a method of Digital Marketing that relies more on brains than budget. A solid Inbound Marketing effort can grow your business as it builds trust and provides value to your potential customers. 


There is no cookie-cutter recipes. Each project is uniquely designed according to your projects' needs

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Maze Digital Agency started with two friends over a glass of wine with an idea. We have come a long way since this idea brewed in a small restaurant. What began as a side hustle turned into a passion and a full-time commitment quickly. Together we have worked in a customer-centric marketing environment for twelve years. Needless to say, with trial and error, we have learned a lot about the link between consumer behavior and storytelling.

Maze Digital Agency is not just a digital agency but a partnership agency. We strive to be your digital marketing and web development partner, helping you discover your story and communicate it effortlessly so that you can focus on your bigger business goals.

At Maze, we believe that one must start from the heart and put people first by creating authentic and meaningful relationships with clients. That's why we put a lot of attention into what makes us truly human; our relationships with each other.

Maze Digital Agency is a boutique agency based in Centurion operated by Mart-Marie Ferreira and Lizel Opperman since 2019. 

We are the people behind the logo.

Lizel Opperman

Digital Marketing Agency Founder
Digital Marketing Agency Founder
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